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Kitchen & bathroom

In business over 30 years


Having trouble with home improvement? Better give Sam a call! The needs of your home are important and what other way of getting them fulfilled through Construction by Sam. Sam has a personalized approach to home improvement with a passion to details, believing no job is too small. Sam has the experience to take on any job, from putting in a new floor to making & installing a new deck. Sam's passion to details will result in an outstanding new look to your home. Construction by Sam; no job is too small for Sam.


Through Sam's process, he discuss with his clients about the project at hand with the current progress. Whether it's replacing a toilet or completely flipping a room, he will design it to your desire.

Elctric lighting

With a skilled electrician like Sam, the functionality of your home will be of upmost importance. From light-switches to interior wiring, projects are completed with the dependability of an expert.

Carpentry & home repair

An expertise in woodworking leads to the most detailed and precise work created for installation of cabinets and pantries. The details are made with pure dedication and passion.

Got  a project? Better give Sam a call!

License: 13VH0752600

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